Immigration: Q Visa

shutterstock_321445223The non-immigrant Q visa is allocated for those foreign national who want to travel to the United States on a cultural exchange program as designated by USCIS. In order to qualify for the non-immigrant Q visa, the beneficiary must show that they are planning on attending an international cultural exchange program in the United States. The purpose of the cultural exchange program is for the foreign national to training and employment to share the history, culture and traditions of their home country with the people in the United States. Only the employers who are organize and manage the approved cultural programs can petition for Q-1 visa on behalf of the beneficiary.

Period of Stay

USCIS will determine the initial time the artist/performer/group can remain in the United States based on their evaluation of the time that will be needed for completion of the event. This initial period of stay could be up to a maximum of one year. This may be extended in increments of one year.

Family Members

The Q-1 visa does not have any provision for the spouse and/or the children accompany them under the same visa classification. However, they may qualify for another visa classification such as B2 visitor visa. Once the cultural program is complete, the Q-1 visa holder must leave the United States and can only apply for Q-1 visa for another cultural program in the United States after they have been outside the United States for one year.

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