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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was accord signed by United States, Canada and Mexico with the aim of creating trade and economic relationship between the signatory countries. The non-immigrant TN visa was created to permit qualified  Canadian and Mexican nationals to enter the United States in order to carry out business related activities.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the TN visa, the professional worker must :

  • Be able to show that they citizens of Canada or Mexico.
  • Show that their profession is approved for a TN visa as per the NAFTA agreement and the worker is qualified for that profession.
  • Prove that  the position requires a NAFTA professional and that they have an offer of employment from a US organization.

Canadian Citizens

Canadian citizens do not need to apply for a TN visa at a consulate. They can show eligibility to a Customs and Border Protection Officer at the U.S. port of entry. The following documentation of required :

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Letter of employment from the U.S based employer showing the professional nature of the workers occupation, Educational qualifications and  the length of the workers stay.

The US employer can also apply for a TN visa on behalf of the Canadian worker by sending an application to the USCIS. On approval, the worker can enter the United States by the showing proof of the Canadian citizenship and the TN visa Approval notice.

Mexican Citizens

Mexican citizens must apply for a TN non-immigrant visa at a US embassy or Consulate in Mexico before entering the United States.

Length of Stay

The initial length of stay is for up to 3 years. If the worker wants to extend their stay beyond the initial period,  they must apply for an extension prior to leaving United States. If the worker left the United States while they were in status, they may re-enter the United States with the same documentation that was part of the initial application for the TN non-immigrant visa.


The spouse and children (under 21 years of age) of the principal TN visa holder may also apply for a non-immigrant TN visa. The dependents are not permitted to work while in the United States and length of their stay cannot exceed that of the principal TN visa holder.

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