Domino Effect: How the Economy is Affected by Immigration

If you’ve been keeping up with politics, you probably already know how uncertain these times are for our country’s immigration laws. Amid the confusion, it is easy to lose sight of the true impact that immigration has on the economy at large.

Trupti N Patel & Associates recently pointed out an idea that many people overlook: our country has a shortage of workers in many fields — most of all construction. Much of the argument for stricter immigration laws runs contrary to our country’s need for skilled workers. The damage caused by this terrible hurricane season has made our lack of workers more noticeable than ever.

When a large number of construction jobs are left unfilled, their is a domino effect felt throughout the country. Infrastructure remains in poor condition. Potential businesses have fewer locations to open their doors. Furthermore, fewer houses are available for families to call their home. We believe that every immigration attorney should be making these jobs available to you.

Despite immigration’s tendency to fill important positions across the country, there is a lot of false information floating around. Especially about the negative ways immigrants affect our economy. Wages and total number of jobs available have been observed to increase as a result of immigration. Economists have proven the hard work and productivity of immigrants results in expanded career opportunities across the entire workforce.

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As your Boston immigration lawyer, the Law Offices of Trupti N Patel & Associates is helping to spread the message that our economy needs immigrants to fill positions across the country. Our country’s immigration laws are in a tumultuous state. Also, there are more jobs than can be filled by our current citizens. There is a domino effect that can be felt across the whole country.

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