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Finding an experienced and knowledgeable immigration attorney to represent you in your immigration matter is the first significant step in the immigration process. If care is not taken, for a business it could lead to a stalled business plan and for families, it could lead to an extended period of separation from your loved ones. The Immigration Attorneys at the Law Firm of Trupti N Patel & Associates have been highly successful in obtaining favorable results for our clients in all areas of immigration law including Business Immigration  (Business Visitor visas, Temporary Specialty Occupations visas, Green Card, E treaty trader or investor visas, inter-company transfer, Temporary Seasonal Worker visa) as well as in the area of  family/individual Immigration (Visitor visas, Green Card, Student visas, Citizenship or naturalization, Fiancé/Fiancée visas, and visas for Individuals with extraordinary abilities). We have also represented our clients in deportation and removal proceedings. One of the main reasons for our high success rate in obtaining favorable results for our clients is that we only accept those cases where we have a high level of confidence that the merits of your case justify moving forward. This approach saves our clients’ time and resources and ultimately avoids the disappointment that results from getting an unfavorable outcome.

Although we are located in the center of Boston, Massachusetts, in close proximity to all the government immigration offices, our immigration attorneys practice immigration throughout the United States. Contact us to see how we can work together and help you to meet your immigration objectives.

If you would like a consultation with one of our Immigration Attorneys, please call us at (617) 367-6750 or click on here to submit a request for a consultation with our Immigration Lawyers in Boston, Massachusetts.

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