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Some of the most successful companies in the United States can attribute their success directly to the talented people they have attracted from around the world to join them in their endeavors. We understand that for businesses to grow and be successful they need an immigration strategy to attract and integrate the best candidates from around the world seamlessly into their workforce. We understand that this means that businesses need to partner with an experienced immigration attorney who can support them to make sure that the immigration process that their employees have to go through has minimal impact on their employees as well as their business operations. Whether you are planning on hiring your first foreign worker on a temporary visa or a multinational company looking to transfer staff from your offices overseas to work at your offices in the United States using inter-company transfer visa, we have the experience to help you realize your objectives.

The Law Offices of Trupti N Patel & Associates has worked with companies of all sizes operating in various industries throughout the United States. We understand that your employees are your prized asset and they deserve an attorney who is dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, responsive to their concerns  as well as one who produces quality work that leads to the results that you and your employees desire.

How can our Business Immigration Lawyer in Boston help?

One of the first things the immigration lawyers at The Law Offices of Trupti N Patel & Associates will do is to sit down with you to understand the goals of your company and provide a strategy that will be tailored to your company and employees. Once we have embarked on a partnership, we will meet with you and your employees at regular intervals to answer any questions that you or your employees might have as well as making adjustments to the immigration strategy if that is required.

  • It’s natural to feel anxious when one is going through a complex immigration process. We offer an open door policy where your employees can call our offices anytime to have their questions answered by our supportive and experienced team of immigration specialists.
  • We know that your company’s HR is constantly being pulled in multiple directions and the last thing it needs is one more thing being added to their workload. The team at Trupti N Patel & Associates recognize this and we do everything possible to keep the burden of the immigration processes mandated by the USCIS to the absolute minimum.
  • The USCIS and Department of Labor stipulate a number of obligations that the business must meet, such as site visits and audits. We will be there to guide your company’s representatives through the process to make sure that the company is compliant with all the legal requirements as mandated by USCIS.
  • The only area of law we practice is immigration and like anyone who devotes all their energy to a single purpose, over the years, we have accumulated a vast field of knowledge and expertise in immigration law. We have the hands-on experience in all aspects of immigration law from obtaining a B1/B2 visitor visa (to enable you to visit and meet your prospective employees or customers) right through to obtaining permanent residency or citizenship for you or your employees.

See what our clients had to say about our Business Immigration Attorney in Boston

“I have been a Senior Human Resource Executive for over twenty years and have had the opportunity to work with many attorneys in a wide variety of specializations. Rarely do I find one as personable and professional as Trupti Patel. I am never disappointed with her follow through, her patience and her willingness to help me interact effectively with our employees when needed. She is always pleasant, extremely thorough and reliable.”
G Piits,  Direct of Human Resources

If you are looking for advice on an immigration matter for your business or employees, we encourage you to contact the Law Offices of Trupti N Patel & Associates, the Business Immigration Lawyer in Boston, MA at (617) 367-6750.

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